Our History
Knovada, headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, was founded in 1998 to help companies prepare for tomorrow. Knovada is an information technology company focused on the development and delivery of enterprise solutions for business-critical applications. Knovada's primary focus is solutions that manage complex data, processes and solutions that aggregate and organize very large multi-dimensional databases. Information is more critical than ever for the successful operation of your business. Knovada assists companies by providing decision makers with the necessary information to make informed decisions. Our tools therefore bridge the gap between the decision makers, their customers, employees, and market trends. Organizations such as CenturyLink Communications, AmeriCorps, City of Boulder, City of Denver, Great West Life, State of Colorado, Oryx Petroleum (Nairobi Kenya), Premier Technologies (Nairobi Kenya), and Oryx Petroleum (Uganda) have used our tools to maximize their training, sales, HRMS, and communication efforts. Knovada's simple software as a service (SSaaS) product offering is database driven and incorporate the same features users have enjoyed and grown accustom to in the corporate mainframe environment.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide companies with the necessary tools to facilitate interactive training and communications with their customers and employees.

Our Vision
Knovada understands that one of the most important contributors to the success of an organization is its employees; they can also be the most costly assets. Knovada Knowledge Systems provides integrated software components to help fully maximize the value of all employees within an organization. From the initial hire, through the process of continuing education, training and beyond, Knovada provides an objective appraisal system which evaluates the employee’s contribution to the enterprise, while simultaneously supporting a formalized and documented career development process. Available modules also facilitate the exchange of vital information through newsletters, opinion polls, surveys, scoreboard and message boards. As a provider of web-based application software, Knovada Knowledge Systems provides an integrated comprehensive communication and Knowledge management solution to manage the delivery and presentation, testing, evaluation, assessment and certification for an organizations needs.

Message From the CEO
I would like to thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to show an interest in our suite of software products. We of Knovada strive to help our customers in a timely manner as well as offer the best in customer satisfaction. With our daily research, we make sure that we offer the best deal for our customers, whether it would be for their human resource development, or their educational training needs at a low and competitive price. Believing is achieving and we of Knovada believed through good communication, a fair and honest sales approach, as well as offering a easy to use system, we will allow your organization the opportunity to achieve your limitless goals.

Thank you Again

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings
Founded in 1998 to help companies prepare for tomorrow to provide solutions for business-critical applications.
Now decision makers can make informed decisions and provide the best possible outcome for employees and customers.
Knovada’s primary focus are easy to use solutions that manage complex data, processes and solutions that aggregate and organize very large multi-dimensional databases.
Information is more critical than ever for the successful operation of your business. The number of market variables that can effect your decision grows daily.
Many companies are left behind the curve, struggling to keep up with ever-changing technology while attempting to keep pace with market trends, customer and employee needs.
Knovada's simple software as a service (SSaaS) product offering is database driven and incorporate the same features users have enjoyed and grown accustom to in the corporate mainframe environment.
The applications have various highly interactive and dynamic tools directed toward electronic commerce business, allowing corporations to conduct ""true business"" over the web.
We are positioned to capitalize on our products today and continue to support corporations and their visions for the web in the future.
Knovada has developed various web based business tools with features and functionality applicable today.
With speed and efficiency, our web based software solutions enable corporations to realize significant return on their investment in a short period of time.
The Knovada software suite of products stands above all of the others for its ease of use, robust features and proactive support.

Some of our popular features
The appraisal system improves efficiency by tracking an employee's progress. It allows you to keep an extensive database of all required tasks for an employee and their status. The system also keeps historical information and allows you to bring forward tasks that have not been completed. Read More... With Knovadas' Workforce Scheduling Module the employee can enter time and submit to management for approval, view work schedules, and fill out work requests all completed over the web. Read More...
Knovadas' Applicant Tracking Module can automate many of the steps in the applicant hiring process in your company. ATM comes with a fully integrated interviewing system that provides for feedback and ratings. Read More... Knovadas' On-Line Training System allows customers to publish any amount of simple or complex curriculum materials using this robust relational database module. Plus, your customers will be able to take advantage of advanced management tools that enable you to control when your content is available. Read More...
With Knovadas' Career Development Module, a formal plan can be created and maintained so that an enterprise can realize the growth potential within their employee base. Managers and employees can investigate specific positions within the company to support an employee's career aspirations. Read More... With Knovadas' Workforce Scheduling Module the employee can enter time and submit to management for approval, view work schedules, and fill out work requests all completed over the web. All of the information is validated and passed through to the payroll system for processing. Read More...
With the Work Scheduling Module, the employee can view their projected work schedule which displays their standard shifts and allows the employee submits a request, the system will, based upon the type of request, automatically create a workflow process if necessary. Read More... Employees can manage their own profile information such as marital status, spousal and dependent information, thus reducing the Human Resource managers administrative burdens. Read More...
Once the applicant becomes an employee, Knovadas' Employee Qualification Module then assumes responsibility for maintaining a centralized repository of all information relevant to each employee. Read More...

Why use our software?
The hiring interviewing module allows you to create specific questions related to the job in which an applicant is being considered. The questions are generated based upon the skills and competencies required for the job position. Read More... Store and track all assessment information and responses in a sophisticated database for simple management and analysis – no more web-programming to change questions, just type new information into the template cells and your online assessment is updated immediately. Read More...
Easily manage one of the most critical components of the HRMS as it defines each work position in the organization as it relates to job duties and responsibilities; qualifications and requirements; specific skill sets and competencies; and areas of expertise. Read More... Allows the employee to manage their benefits. Employees can change benefits during open enrollment periods which reduces the burden on the Human Resource Managers. Read More...
Knovadas' bonus merit module allows you to allocate bonus and merits to employees in a systematic and orderly method. The bonus merit system allows you to track how much is being awarded to each employee and to verify that each manager has not exceeded their budget. Read More... Our Business Intelligence – Customer Relationship Management (BI-CRM) Solution provides organizations with the ability to automate all customer interactions throughout the enterprise utilizing a common customer record. Read More...
Administer surveys with this interactive questionnaire module. Easily combine multiple choice, short answer, or essay type question formats to match your specific requirements. Intelligently direct participants to additional questions based upon previous answers. Read More... Further enhancing the communications capability of an organization, the Online Newsletter Module provides the capability to publish any amount of simple or complex material using this robust relational database module. Read More...
The Events Calendar provides a calendaring system of events for your organization. The Events Calendar allows for events to be entered through an administrative website and immediately be displayed. Read More... The Threaded Discussions Module allows you to have discussions with other employees. The discussions are based upon different forums that have been entered into the system. Read More...
Our reference library allows you to search content in newsletters, dictionaries, websites, curriculum, and the document library. Read More... The Document provides a centralized repository for all documents, website links and various other reference materials for use by employees and customers. Read More...
Our centralized phonebook systems enable anyone who has access to the system to very easily and quickly locate anyone that is in the system. Now you can have one place to go to find a person. Read More... The office location module has proven to be invaluable to companies that have multiple offices spread out over the country or the world. Read More...
The FAQ Module provides a means for both employees and clients to submit inquiries, search previously posted questions and answers, and intelligently route questions to the appropriate person or organization within the enterprise for assistance. Read More... Our help desk provides your organization with a centralized location with information and supports related to your organizations products and services which will expedite your ability to troubleshoot and track problems and provide an audit trail. Read More...
Our digital dictionary system provides a searchable database of terms and definitions. You can provide multiple integrated dictionaries to your users. Read More... The exit interviewing module allows you to verify that all necessary steps have been completed prior to an employees leaving the company. Read More...

How we have helped our customers
"Today we have a web-enabled Human Resource Management System which is fully operational and supporting our business segment. Not only have we automated our HR processes, we are now able to generate real time reports and retrieve required HR information from a fully integrated database."

Christian Callede
Managing Director
Oryx Petroleum
"The robust features of the HRMS together with the excellent software support provided by Knovada was such that Premier Technologies chose to deploy the Knovada HRMS to support our own internal HR functions; actually residing on the same server configuration as one of our clients but with each having their own configuration options available to support their unique HR policies and procedures."

Harry Davies
Managing Director
Premier Technologies LTD.

Why Choose Knovada
Knovada is an internationally recognized provider of low-cost, high-value enterprise solutions with a focus on the delivery of simple software as a service (SSaaS) web-enabled integrated software suites for human resources administration and management, education and training and enhanced employee and customer communications. With a modular design and component architecture which provides the capability to select and deploy those elements which provide the greatest value to your organization, your enterprise can achieve the lowest total cost of ownership while maximizing the return on your software investment. No Information Technology resources are required which allows your staff to focus on supporting the organization. We provide our customers with a Capital-expenditure Free service while still enjoying the benefits enjoy enterprise-class technology which makes them competetive, in control, secure, and with the ability to work from anywhere that has an internet connection. Our software has easy to use confguration options that allow you to decide which fields will be displayed and the text that will be presented.

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