The Knovada software suite of products stands above all of the others for its ease of use, robust features and proactive support.


HRMS administration presentation: This presentation will present how a company can manage and control their human resources management system through the HRMS administration module. The management and control being provided by a secure administration site, with access to the site being restricted to designated company employees, who either have system administration responsibilities or management personnel who require access to manage their employees. In addition, the HRMS administration site provides a company the opportunity to customize their site to meet their requirements. For example, field names can be changed to reflect naming conventions used by the company. Field displays on forms such as appraisals, online applications, or employee reports can be selected by the company. Company standards such as work schedules, leave accruals, holiday dates, and pay periods, can be created and maintained by the company. Click here to view this presentation.

Talent management presentation: This presentation will focus on the Knovada talent management system. A system that provides your company with the capability to manage, and administer, the complete employee life cycle for your organizations human resources management, learning management, work schedule and time management, payroll, learning management system and online university, asset management, document library, digital dictionary, testing, survey, assessment engine, and events calendar and scheduling. Click here to view this presentation.

Applicant tracking presentation: This presentation will present the features and functions of the applicant tracking module. Using this module, company can post open job positions on their homepage to be accessed by both external applicants and internal employees of the company. External applicants can then complete their employment applications online for submission to the company. This module performs an evaluation of each candidate’s application, and provides a hiring matrix which rates each candidate based upon parameters established by the company. This hiring matrix significantly enhances the screening process used for evaluating external applicants and internal employees. Click here to view this presentation.

Employee appraisal presentation: This presentation will focus on the employee appraisal process of human resources management system. Unlike more generic employee evaluation systems, our HRMS provides the capability to evaluate an employee’s performance based upon their specific job duties. We likewise provide the capability for the organization to create customized assignments in trainings for each of their employees. The combination of the evaluation based upon the performance of specific job duties, together with customized assignments and training provides both an objective and a defensible appraisal process for the organization. The HRMS has an administration module which provides the organization the capability to configure the system to meet their specific needs and requirements. An example of such a configuration option would be the decision by the organization to set either a three-phase or a one phase approval process for appraisals. Click here to view this presentation.

Payroll with biometric/badge reader integration presentation: This presentation will focus on the payroll module with biometric integration. With the Knovada payroll system, the organization can automate their entire payroll processing as an integrated component of the Knovada Human Resources Management System (HRMS). Accessing the payroll information of each employee in the HRMS, the Payroll System calculates gross pay for each employee which includes salary/hourly wage information together with specific benefits such as mobile phone allowance, automobile allowance, etc. The deductions are calculated based upon the tax regulations of the specific country with the final calculation being the net pay for the employee. Once the payroll processing is completed, the payroll information for each employee can be exported into an excel spreadsheet, word document or PDF; print individual time slips; or transfer funds via direct deposit. When integrated with Biometric and or badge readers, employee's time sheet information is used when payroll is processed. Click here to view this presentation.

Work schedule and time management presentation: This presentation will focus on the work schedule and employee time management module, which formalizes personal scheduling, the administration of timesheets, manages employee leave accruals, provides the option for the company to designate multiple approval levels based on work schedule type, and provides the capability for timesheets for specific work schedules to be used as source data for billing. Click here to view this presentation.

Learning management system presentation: This presentation will focus on the learning management system that provides a comprehensive blend of tools and capabilities to address your training requirements. Through the seamless integration of our knowledge modules supported by an intuitive graphical user interface, every process and associated task within an educational or training program is efficiently managed including: multi-media con tent development; third party con tent access and referral; curriculum and student administration; assessment and testing; scoring and reporting; and certification assurance. The learning management system supports traditional classroom, virtual classroom, self-study and, interactive on-line training programs. Click here to view this presentation.

9 critical HR compliance issues presentation: Knovada would like to make available to you our comprehensive presentation entitled “9 Critical HR Compliance Issues for Small and Medium Size Businesses”. This presentation will help you better understand some of the common issues that companies like yours are facing and how our software can help manage those issues. Click here to view this presentation.

Why Choose Knovada
Knovada is an internationally recognized provider of low-cost, high-value enterprise solutions with a focus on the delivery of simple software as a service (SSaaS) web-enabled integrated software suites for human resources administration and management, education and training and enhanced employee and customer communications. With a modular design and component architecture which provides the capability to select and deploy those elements which provide the greatest value to your organization, your enterprise can achieve the lowest total cost of ownership while maximizing the return on your software investment. No Information Technology resources are required which allows your staff to focus on supporting the organization. We provide our customers with a Capital-expenditure Free service while still enjoying the benefits enjoy enterprise-class technology which makes them competetive, in control, secure, and with the ability to work from anywhere that has an internet connection. Our software has easy to use confguration options that allow you to decide which fields will be displayed and the text that will be presented.